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General School Policy

It is the policy of Brocklebank Academy of Dance, and their teaching staff, to provide a safe and nurturing environment for each student to learn in. Safety is paramount and whilst the nature of dance contains an element of physical risk this is minimized by the following guidelines:


  • Public liability insurance is held by all teachers

  • Awareness of fire safety; emergency exits and emergency drills are examined regularly

  • A register of students present in each class is taken at the beginning of the class

  • Students are never left unattended

  • A stocked first-aid kit (including ice packs) is always on-site during class

  • In case of injury to a dance student first aid will be administered and parents/guardians will be contacted immediately. If deemed necessary medical assistance will be retained instantly. A written record of any incident will be maintained and a copy will be provided to the parent/guardian if requested

  • The dance environment will be kept clean; adequately heated and ventilated. 

  • All dancers must warm up correctly prior to dancing and notify the teacher if they have any injuries or problems that would impact upon the class. All students must wear appropriate dance and foot wear. This is important from a safe dance and teaching perspective. Hair must be tied back neatly. Jewellery and watches are not worn because of potential risk to other students. Small stud earrings and flat surfaced rings are the only exception (unless for religious our cultural reasons)

  • All students must attend class regularly and punctually in order to train the body safely and ensure that they are ready to perform safely

  • All students must have water for classes; no chewing gum/food and no mobile phones switched on during classes

  • Recognising that ballet is a physical art form; parents and students should be aware that kinesthetic methods of teaching are used (except during the current COVID19 situation, there will be no hands on corrections given to students)

  • All students must be picked up promptly after class by parents or guardians and students will not be allowed to leave until a parent/guardian comes to collect them

  • In a situation where classes are unable to go ahead in the studio (due to COVID 19), classes will either be suspended until a time when it is safe to resume or classes may take place via zoom. 

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